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Do you run your own business from home and find it hard to find the space for your storage needs.  At THC Self Store we have many businesses storing with us.

Some use our units for stock, archiving and overflow space whilst others simply use our storage for exhibition stock rather than use up their own valuable warehouse space.

This is ideal for our customers who want either the option of  flexible short term leasing or in many cases longer term solutions.

We offer a solution that is unique in that businesses and customers know that they are dealing with a family business and we pride ourselves on a personal service, one that makes us stand out from the crowd.

You  certainly do not get this service with the big boys and often have to wait for hours for loading bays to become available, even when you just want to pop a few boxes in your unit.

Our units vary in size depending up our customers requirements. We have Phone Box sized, Garden Shed, Transit Van and Garage Sized units so our customers can get the right size for their requirements, thus not having to waste money on unused space.

Our free forklift facility also eliminates the need for any heavy lifting to our upper row of storage containers, something which our customers find very useful.